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Vans Auctions

Vans Auctions
Vans Auctions

Vans Auctions

Vans Auctions

Welcome to Vans Auctions page in Cape Town, here you will find the latest news and updates about auctions in your area in Cape Town where you can attend these auctions and get a bargain on a van of your dreams.

Vans Auctions conducts regular auctions of cars, vans, commercial vehicles, heavy plant and property. These auctions present literally thousands of items for sale with no reserve from many government agencies, liquidators and police forces and have been featured on various television shows due to the very unique items that can turn up for auction.

Choosing the right commercial vehicle can be a critical business decision. So Vans Auctions gives you all the support you need to get it right. Our vendors include leading manufacturers, corporates and fleet management companies, and feature a wide range of vehicles. If you need the ideal Van for your business here at Vans Auctions you will get the ideal van to boost your business and productivity.

We offer vans for all businesses:

  • Beavertail – Also known as dovetail, the beavertail is a popular flat-bed truck used for transporting other vehicles
  • Box van – A van with a cuboid-shaped load area.
  • Car derived van – A van based on the design of a car, for example a Ford Fiesta.
  • Chassis cab – The most basic van you can buy, a chassis cab comes with a cab and an open ladder chassis ready to be converted into a tipper, dropside or box van.
  • Conversion van – A van modified by a third party company. For instance a van converted for use as an ice cream van.
  • Crew van – A van with an extra row of seats so it can carry more crew.

These are just some of the examples of vans that you would find at Vans Auctions. You would be surprised at the bargains that you might get.

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